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The ancient Carian city of Idyma, with its acropolis and necropolis, is located above Kozlukuyu Mahallesi (Kozlukuyu Neighbourhood) at the northern end of Gökova town, not at nearby Akyaka as often incorrectly stated.

The name Gökova means "blue" (gök) "plain" (ova) and refers to the plain on which the town of Gökova is situated.

The first recorded mention of Idyma (now Gökova) was in 546 BC.

as a member of the Attika-Delos Sea Union founded against the Persians with the leadership of Athens.

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One Turkish news website reports that it's a million-dollar empire with more than 400 staff working under the butcher businessman.

In the present study, we developed species-diagnostic SNP-based markers for hybridizing freshwater crustaceans: the multispecies species and well-defined reference genotypes from three parental species.