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Tory - whose introduction saw her join Jamal, one of the music mogul's sons, in rehab - is a talented singer who struggles to overcome her battles with addiction.After landing the role, Rumer expressed her delight on social media, writing on Instagram: "Tonight was a dream come true.But Gay Girl freaks out, accuses Ex-Straighty of still being straight and goes as far as to accuse her of being in a “phase.” So in a lame attempt to save herself some heartache, Miss Lezzy up and leaves Ex-Straighty high and dry!Now Ex-Straighty is heart broken and devastated over the loss of her true love.

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Stills from the saucy scene showed Rumer - who is the daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Demi Moore and Bruce Willis - tenderly kissing her love interest's next before they locked lips, all while teasing their naked bodies for the titillating soak.Films aimed at lesbian, bisexual and queer women have never exactly been noted for their universal excellence.Hollywood is a notoriously sexist machine and it’s hard enough to get a solid film about women made, let alone a solid film about women who prefer the company of other women.We watched hundreds of LGBT films for women, literally HUNDREDS, to come up with these final rankings.

There are some movies often lumped in with the “lesbian” category that are actually films about trans boys or men that you won’t see here, such as the excellent — an objectively decent movie containing many laughs and a nice fisting demonstration — didn’t make the list, as it promotes the dangerous idea that a lesbian is just a woman who hasn’t met the right man yet.

Teens are beginning to discover what it means to be attracted romantically and physically to others.