Updating to solar

03-Jan-2018 00:43

Previously, Sins: Rebellion's 32-bit process was unable to exceed 2 GB of RAM usage.New adjustments in v1.9 allows the game to use up to 4 GB of RAM, which reduces crashes and lets modders focus on their creations instead of worrying about hitting the 32-bit limit.We have some software that was written by an individual who is not connected with Mid Nite.It basically allows you to program your Outback gear and Classic as well as monitor it.The difference is noticeable in everything from the ships and the planets all the way to shadow rendering.The UI will look incredible on 4K monitors now thanks to user interface scaling.instead of space restrictions!A recent update to the My Enlighten app (for i OS and Android) makes it easy to update the Wi-Fi network that's used to report your Enphase System data to Enlighten.

Our challenge is to make sure this opportunity is not wasted on replacing archaic, dirty infrastructure with more of the same.Follow the link below to get the software or learn more about it. Status4Plus/NOTE: This third party software was created using Out Back's information published as part of the AXS system.Mid Nite Solar makes no guarantees as to how it works in installations!

Over the next 20 years, utilities will have to invest a projected trillion to modernize our electric grid, most of which is past the age of retirement.

Then we were introduced to the 120 watt Portable Solar Kit.

A consolidated income statement presents an aggregated picture of the whole corporation rather than its individual parts.… continue reading »

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“This group became the best of friends” and stayed friends long after the camp weekend was over, he says.… continue reading »

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