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30-Sep-2017 12:19

Fan Base On Facebook, Peet’s has just over half a million fans.By contrast, Starbucks has over 36 million Facebook fans.Peet’s also provides the “roast on” and “purchase by” dates on the coffee bags, which Starbucks doesn’t do.

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Out of Oakland, CA, Blue Bottle's website makes it easy to choose the right coffee—it will give you recommendations based on your brewing method.Holler Mountain is one of their signature organic blends and yields a dark, robust cup with an earthy and aromatic finish. flat rate shipping only applicable to domestice ground shipping and receive free domestic ground shipping on any order or above.Quality of Coffee In 2007, Consumer Reports ranked Starbucks’ coffee behind Mc Donald’s Premium Roast. Peet’s maintains a strict standard of freshness by hand-roasting every batch “to order” in its roasting facility in California (which is a LEED Gold certified facility).

In Peet’s shops, coffee is served within 30 minutes of brewing to ensure freshness.

Their Spice Island blend, using beans from Indonesia and South America, is dark and daring, with a deep, smoky finish.