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17-Oct-2017 20:55

Anyways, here’s a recipe for a soba noodle salad that's so dope that it’s a worthy steal from the shared fridge. How the fuck is Nature’s Valley still putting crumbs in bags and selling them as breakfast bars?Shit is disrespectful and a dry sponge would taste better than those crumb catastrophes. Perfect for on-the-go snacking and packed with fiber, these sweet sons of bitches won’t ever let you down. And why are we importing condiments from this sketchy-ass place?Fuck your weird fucking conversations, things like “OMG did you see Snapchat’s new feature? Fuck you startups with your extravagant parties and crazy off-site events that cost way too much money, you’re supposed to buy some fucking servers instead! You try to make me feel bad because I woke up at 6AM.

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Instead, whip up a batch of BBQ Bean Sliders with Celery Seed Slaw from our book TK2: Party Grub (LINK) and show people you’ve got some goddamn standards. Here’s the recipe for the grilled corn AKA elotes because we can’t just leave you hanging like that. Once upon a time, some motherfuckers were all, “We like cake and milk, but who has the time for both?For others, it’s seen as an exploitative practice, and the movement against it has gained significant momentum in the industry.Regardless of your stance, the bottom line remains the same: Many potential clients, especially here in the U.Unpaid pitching: a controversial topic in the creative industry.

For some, unpaid pitching is simply part of the business – a necessary evil to win new clients and projects.When you dig through the data, it starts to get pretty exciting.