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17-Oct-2017 21:40

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, this used to be the only type of lawyer qualified to argue a case in both higher and lower law courts; contrasts with solicitor. Occasionally used in the US, but not to define any particular type of flat that serves as a living room, kitchen and bedroom and with shared bathroom facilities (US: see SRO; compare studio apartment (in British English a studio apartment – sometimes 'studio flat' – would have a self-contained bathroom)' efficiency)(affectionate slang) the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). The British band Queen released an album called At the Beeb in the UK and it had to be called "At the BBC" for US release.a cheap or poor (repair) job, can range from inelegant but effective to outright failure. You properly bodged that up (you really made a mess of that).

(US: botch or cob, shortened form of cobble) See Bodger.(vulgar; originally ballocks, colloquially also spelled as bollox) testicles; verbal rubbish (as in "you're talking bollocks") (US: bullshit).

The Alright Bitches holiday package offers: a sun basking multi-storey carpark/80s shopping centre, sand dune safaris, gay bingo and darkrooms; plus a sizeable age gapped relationship’s 1st anniversary frissants; an in-seasoned fuller-figured, mouth like Gary Glitter’s underwear drawer, fag-hag; and a couple of promiscuous, camp as a gold-lamé-man-bag lined with ostrich feathers, gay besties – all for the price of a fringe theatre ticket.

Growing up, I would watch Carrie run round to Miranda’s house during a crisis and wonder why my lesser, mortal friends only texted me their half-hearted support and didn’t spontaneously show up at my door in cashmere.

Why did I only have two separate best friends who never hung out with each other, instead of a quintessential brunch group?

Some might get all het up and assume that Warsi is slating all women by using ‘bitchiest women’ as an insult, but instead of trying to twist her words to make her look like a douche, let’s take her side on this for a bit.

Her words are provocative but they do make a point; we’re so used to thinking that bitchy behaviour is female behaviour that we give men a free pass when they’re being bitches.(US: clunker)bread roll or a sandwich made from it (this itself is a regional usage in the UK rather than a universal one); in plural, breasts (vulgar slang e.g.