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) and follows the tale of Maya, a scavenger on the "junk" level of the multi-layered world of Septerra. I know Go G has issues with windows 7 sometimes so keep an eye out for that, but for XP and Vista it seems like most games run very well.

The large and engrossing game also features fully-voiced dialogue and sound/music from O' Donnell/Salvatori ( The Freedom Force has altered the course of time and changed the outcome of WWII! Gonna be watching this sale like a Hawk watching a field mouse.

I am running Windows 7 so I set everything to run under administrator as suggested in one of the threads. If I start up Trainz and go to "Options" under "General" it lists my serial number but also has a box for "CD Key". Cheers and Happy Holidays, Derek Regarding the last three posts: Malc: Good to know that my Serial Number is all that I need!

When I run the Network Diagnostics from CM everything passes except for the two FTP tests: Message: Command prompt reporting in." Message: Test 'command prompt access' passed. Privite: Yes I have no problem logging in to the DLS.

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I have set all the Trainz .exe's to go through my firewall as mentioned in the following thread: The Manual Transfer method must be used to download any Download Station content if you are using a FTP client. As I mentioned, I can download by other means but then I have to download each dependancy separately and that takes me through several browser screens each time!Just an FYI, the two other games in the trilogy are more like standalone expansion packs than true sequels.It doesn't make them bad, but don't expect too much to be different from game to game, other than a few new units and concepts in each.After getting more than my part of entertainment through various Let's Read D&D Monster Books, notably by Leonaru, I have decided to participate in this great effort by delving, monster by monster, inside a book old by more than a decade : the Monster Manual for D&D3.5.

But D&D is the Lingua Franca of RPGs, I got quite interested in the implied setting and some of the published settings, I can follow Order of the Stick like any grognard, I think I can do it.If you begin exploring Trainz as a building tool, crafting or modifying a route, or venture boldly forth onto the DLS and acquire one of the 2500 routes uploaded in the last decade— you will indubitably end up facing the learning curve of 'fixing assets'.